Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homosexuality: Faith vs. Logic

Homosexuality is wrong. But why? How can you put rules on love? But it must be wrong. It's against nature. Who are you to define nature? But G-d said it's wrong...

Many times, G-d's laws and codes of conduct, meet very gracefully with our intellect. Most times we can understand G-d's logic, even if only a drop.

However, there are times when G-d does not allow us in on His "thoughts" and we are left at a tough crossroads of faith and intellect.

Some Jewish thinkers claim that in truth we have no understanding of any of G-d's laws, while others like the Rambam say that a Jew must always strive to know the reasoning of the one G-d.

Be that as it may, truly perplexing is the moral code that G-d lays out for us in the Torah. Some rules are easy for us to find reasons for, such as murder, thievery or adultery. These seem to resonate with people for the simple human instinct of self-preservation. Logic says: "How can our society move forward if everyone is murdering stealing and destroying marital life?"

Yet, there are some moral puzzles that our intellect tries to solve; but alas, we are left in the dark.

In our modern-minded society, religion has been questioned from every angle by both non-believers and by even the believers themselves. Certain commandments that "sat well" with our progressive minds in past generations, have now become seemingly archaic or close-minded views of the yesteryear.

In our time, every thinker has been turned on his head trying to find the logical reason why homosexuality is considered an abomination by G-d. Many try to grasp at straws with arguments of procreation, natural desire, and many other baseless standpoints.

Anyone who delves into this argument will find that the "logic" he thought was simple, actually leaves him out to dry when faced with challenges of: "If I love him why is that wrong?" or "Who are you to place laws on my heart?"

The poor religious thinker tries and tries to satisfy his intellect with reasons of health or that a child must have a mother. He fights blindly and his openly mocked by the progressive G-d forsaking man. He meets a nice gay couple who are absolutely in love and are raising a child better than most families he is seen -- and his faith is shaken. He begins to question the very foundation upon which he has built these last 40 years.

But this is what we must realize: Our intellects will not be satisfied. We will have to remain strong and not follow society's "progressive" thought in every idea. We will have to remain "old fashioned" and close-minded. Of course many of the commandments, as stated above, we do understand and therefore only some areas will we have to silence our questioning minds; the rest of course we must challenge and challenge in order to gain deeper understanding of the pleasant ways of the Torah.

That is the challenge of faith. Sometimes we have to just believe even when its not comfortable. Even when the modern man mocks our "foolish" ways. We have to step off our great logical plane we try so hard to live on, and humbly yet confidently point to the verse: "Do not lie with a male as one lies with a woman; it is an abomination." (Leviticus 18:22) We will have to straighten up, look that modern man in the eye and say: "It's wrong because G-d said so."

Let me make something clear for the "article destroying demons" (aka Trolls) who have already started writing their hate-filled comments on this blog: I have nothing against a person who has homosexual desires. He has been tested by Hashem in a very difficult way. I wish him strength in his battle.

However, the G-d of the universe Who created and controls this world has, said as stated above, that this is an immoral act. To lie with a man as one does with a woman is an abomination. Therefore, though my intellect is left unsatisfied,  though I will forever be challenged by this seeming faith and logic conflict, I must say that I too see it as immoral... because G-d said so.

Another important point is that in no way am I saying that G-d's ways are illogical, G-d forbid, rather that I am human and if I can grasp even a drop of G-d's infinite wisdom, it is only because He has gifted me as such.  

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